Cities With The Best Public Transport Systems In The World

public transport systems

Public transportation is essential to the general public, as well as to travelers. The same ensures that everyone reaches the destination and in time. Some cities have proven to be really efficient when it comes to public transport, especially in large cities with super populations. In this selection are highlighted the 10 cities with the best public transportation systems in the world.

Hong Kong

As one of the busiest cities in Asia, Hong Kong has a very good transportation system. It covers the entire city with public railways running 11 lines, buses, minibuses, trams, ferries and taxis, quite efficiently, the city is kept very accessible.
One can imagine getting an octopus card that can be used for all the public transport mentioned and for as little as $ 10 a day, with Hong Kong being tenth in this selection of the 10 cities with the best public transportation systems in the world.


This city is one of the safest and most well-planned in the world and also has a fairly consistent public transportation system. It has 4 MRT (Fast Mass Subway) and 1 LRT (Light Fast Subway) scattered throughout the city. Public buses with routes and ample taxis are also available.
MRT is still undergoing improvements as there is still room for more and other stations are being added. An EZ-link card can be purchased to make it easy to pay for all transportation systems and can cost as little as $ 4 per average daily trip.


Another of Asia’s small business cities, Taipei has established a very decent public transportation service. And it has a very efficient subway station with 6 lines running all over the city and mainly covering the business districts.
The subway and all other means of public transport such as high-speed train and bus fares can be paid through the “easy card”, and one-day pass cards.


The public transportation commission still has plans to improve public transportation. The city has the urban rail network called “S-Bahn” and “U-Bahn”, trams and buses.
And there are also night services for public transport and a convenient way to pay for this is to get a “CityTour card”. A 4 day citycard can cost around $ 54 which is still very good, especially if you are a tourist and want to roam around the city.


The Japanese are well known for technological advancements and punctuality which is why public transportation of them is one of the best in the world. While they have efficiency, what they lack is connectivity and pricing. It is as expensive as $ 20 a day and the whole traffic is still quite confusing at times.


This British city has an extensive subway network known as London Underground or tube. And it has 12 lines going under the city and is basically the main means of transport in London.
Recent research has shown that there is still room for improvement. As the price goes up, it is possible to get travel cards priced at $ 27 a day. Another option is an oyster card that is less expensive and can be ordered online along with the fact that it can be complimented online as well.


Even today, the Boston transportation system operates with ferries, traveler ferries, suburban railways and buses, and even an underground railway system known as the “T”. As the price goes, it is relatively average and depends on how much you travel. The city counts 179 buses, 4 BRT and 13 urban trains

Los Angeles

LA is perhaps known to have one of the worst transits in the United States. This is why 1.5 million people choose to follow the subway, LA buses and railways every day. To be able to offer service to this vast population, LA has 2,600 buses and a railroad, covering most of the important landmarks of the city.

New York

New York is a host to many tourists. Metropolitan Transportation Authority operates with a whopping $ 13.4 billion. The average number of business day passengers they have on subways and buses is around 8.4 million. The city accounts for 40% of the entire nation’s transit. They not in vain who have the world’s largest subway system .


Denver is leading position in this selection of the 10 cities with the best public transportation systems in the world. Denver’s public transportation includes buses, railroads, and an airport shuttle service as well. The city also includes a bus line called “MallRide” which transports passengers free of charge and makes connections with other stations to the city center. Some central avenues are not allowed to traffic another automobile other than MallRide.
The city has committed to a multi-billion dollar traffic expansion project by increasing its railroad lighting, urban trains and bus transfers. The huge expansion along with the fact that already has much to offer in terms of public mass transit and this also at interesting price is the reason why Denver is at the top of the selection.