The expensive Nike tennis in the world

most-expensive-nike-tennis-worldNike, Inc. is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Oregon that is responsible for the design, development, manufacturing, marketing and selling shoes, clothes, and basically all sports accessories.
The company was founded in 1964 under the name of Blue Ribbon Sports and then later officially became Nike, Inc. in 1971. in this selection are highlighted the 10 most expensive shoes Nike in the world, based on the lines marketed and currently produced footwear, excluding special editions .

Michael Jordan Shoes – US $ 4 million

Here are the shoes of the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time . Over 20 years ago, in the 1980s, Nike Company was impressed by the rare Michael’s talent, and saw the potential he had, then asked him to create a company symbol with its own range of shoes Michael Jordan.
And so he did! These fantastic tennis one of the best basketball players of all time were sold for unbelievable price of $ 4 million.

Tennis Rory McIlroy – US $ 6 million

Rory McIlroy is a Northern Irish golfer in Hollywood who is the current world number one and a great champion for 4 times. The shoes were named because of McIlroy, one of the most marketable athletes in the world, because they are really the favorite shoes for him.

Nike Tiger Woods – $ 10 million

Tiger Woods is an American professional golf 38-year-old player and is really one of the best golfers of all time. The shoes come in various colors and designs to satisfy all customer preferences.

Nike LeBron James – $ 12 million

LeBron Raymone James, commonly known as LeBron James, is an American professional basketball player 29-year-old Cleveland Cavaliers NBA. These bold Nike shoes with stylish design are favorites of real famous players on the planet.

Tennis Derek Jeter – $ 16 million

Derek Jeter is a former baseball player who participated in 20 seasons in MLB for New York Yankees. He is a World Series champion 5 times, and made history in Yankees as it is considered the reason for the success of the team size in the late 1990s and early 2000s
The Derek Jeter shoes feature an incredible collection of various designs and colors to meet the customer’s personal style, being sixth in this selection.

Tennis Rafael Nadal – $ 15 million

Rafael Nadal is a great tennis player who is ranked world number 2 at the time. These are the Nike shoes favorite tennis players and are regarded as some of the most comfortable Nike ever made for a better performance on the court.

Nike Maria Sharapova – $ 18 million

Maria Sharapova is the best Russian tennis player. You can purchase the shoes in the online shoe shops selling. And it can be very difficult to find the product at nearby stores due to the incredibly high price, making this the fourth tennis in this selection of the 10 most expensive Nike shoes in the world.

Tennis Kobe Bryant – US $ 20 million

Kobe Bryant is an American basketball player of 36 years who works mp Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA and has been part of the Lakers his entire life direct starting high school.
The Nike Kobe Bryant shoes are some of the most exclusive footwear and extreme Nike Company and are sold in fantastic price of $ 20 million per pair. Each year, Nike promotes new tennis Kobe Bryant through an interesting and dynamic campaign.

Kevin Durant Shoes – US $ 21 million

Kevin Durant is an American basketball player at Oklahoma City Thunder NBA and aged only 26, he is already a live basketball legend.
He is one of three signature athletes symbolizing Nike Basketball and these shoes were inspired by its incredible performance. Nike Kevin Durant shoes are bold and are specially designed to control the athlete’s game.

Tennis Roger Federer – $ 23 million

Roger Federer is a Swiss tennis player of 33 years who is ranked as the number 3 worldwide by Association of Tennis Professionals at the time.
But what’s even more impressive is the fact that it has been ranked among the leading 10 steadily since the end of 2002. Federer is regarded as the greatest tennis player of all time .
Nike specially prepared this tennis inspired by the athlete who is supposedly displays a remarkable level of comfort. And the shoes come in various models, designs and colors and can be purchased for US $ 23 million per pair price, then being the leading position in this selection of the 10 most expensive Nike shoes in the world.