The leading causes of acne

causes of acne

Acne drama is common for many people. As well as the reasons that lead to the outbreak of this condition. Acne is commonly seen in the face, neck, chest and shoulders. E may arise for several reasons. See this selection, the top 10 causes of acne. When determining the cause of acne, you need to be careful . After that, try to keep track of everything you eat, and applied to the skin or purchase cosmetic product. It is recommended to do research on treatment for the condition before doing something.

Sebaceous glands

The reason is that the areas prone to acne contain most of the sebaceous glands. These glands are a small gland which are found near the surface of the skin. These are fastened with small holes that go through the skin where the hair follicles appear. In boys, testosterone causes the body to release more sebum.

Dead Skin Cells

These cells block the pores and does not allow the skin to repair. The oil glands are connected with hair follicles. The oily substance is useful to lubricate the skin and hair.
When dead skin cells and oil clog the pores of the hair follicles, this results in acne. And creates a soft buffer, wherein the bacterium forms. The condition can lead to infection or inflammation


Bacteria grow in these follicles and lead to pimples and blackheads. Sometimes the blockage creates pressure that causes the sebum to leak into the next and wheal tissue is formed to have a name as inflammatory acne. It develops when the oil is unable to escape due to dead cells and grow bacteria in clogged pores, resulting in acne. And bacteria are eighth in this selection of the top 10 causes of acne.


Cosmetic products when they have ingredients that are sensitive to skin can result in acne. For example, skin creams contain ingredients that clog pores or tissues causing irritation to the skin, with some factors.
Acne is also caused if it is not removed from the makeup properly, and not changing pillow cases or sheets, or using dirty makeup brushes. So, it is essential hygiene and stop using products that are causing outbreaks.


Some people are sensitive to certain food products such as milk, iodine, sugar, soy bread, among others, which results in acne. Not only that, food allergies can lead to outbreaks. So try to avoid foods that cause allergy. If you do not know which foods cause acne to skin, consult a doctor for treatment.

Skin Protection Features

Dry skin can also be a cause of acne. When the skin becomes irritated, it becomes red, there is itching and tingling that is also a favorable condition for acne. Examine the skin itself and understand the underlying problem. The skin has the ability to provide hydration and protect against dust and dirt.

Drugs and Health Problems

People suffering from diseases like thyroid, metabolic disorders, digestive imbalances, and some others, may be a reason for the acne outbreak. Sometimes, acne can be a symptom of the underlying health condition. Some kinds of lithium-containing drugs, corticosteroids or androgens may increase the problem of acne.

Stress and Sleep Little

The researchers found that increased acne can be due to stress. Sebum is produced in greater amounts during times of stress. Sometimes, acne is also found in newborns, passed by the mother due to stress of birth, which is the hormone release on their own.
But that does not mean that every time there is stress result in acne. Sleep deprivation creates havoc on the skin. Sleep can not directly cause acne, but adequate rest will help the skin to invigorate.


The toxins that accumulate in the body cannot be released easily; even the perspiration does not take these toxins. With its release, this results as acne. And it’s not like every time toxin is released, appears as acne. The body has the ability to develop and make cleaning by themselves.


Acne is the most common problem faced by teenagers. Some studies say it can also be genetic. As everyone knows that the genes play an important role in skin development. If one parent has the problem of acne, there are children’s possibilities suffer from it.
By following the routine of regular skin care, this may reduce the chances of having acne because of genes. Remember not to follow the skin products that worked to parents, this may not be helpful to you. The most important part of the treatment of acne is to remove the oil from the skin cells.