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good morning quotes

Small The forest was dark and suddenly dawned suddenly looked the creature Enjoyment me when I woke up was tidy behind my parents cried like a little princess With a time nursing was born my first tooth looked like a bunny Taking Mancal life and on the sidewalk playing old times child

Day prayer Lord in the beauty of that day dawns, I give you every minute and seconds. Guide me, protect me, bless me … I do not know what awaits me, nor the that I reserve journey, but I have conviction that the Lord has prepared the best. Let it be a fruitful day, prosperous and full of surprises and blessings. Amen!

Prayer of the Dawn
Lord blesses this day that is beginning,
deliver me from all evil, light my ways,
renews my strength, my faith and my hope.
And yet I find obstacles, help me to
beat them, and not me lack wisdom to
make each of them a life lesson, amen.
Dawns a day SUAVE- as I am in favor of achieving a dream, that the day is smooth, I also want butterflies in my window.
I see clouds in formats.
I want to see a flower in the wind – good morning quotes
I levees …
Because exchange barbs is stupid who does not know that life is short, smooth, always:)

Word Today!
Gorgeous dawned Day, today no matter what will be the weather outside, whether it will rain or be sunny, what matters is to start the day thanking God for waking us up and give us another opportunity to live one new day ….
Go ahead and be happy, God is in control of everything!

Prayer Day!
Lord, this morning I want peace in my heart, that wisdom in my mind to win another day.
In this beautiful day Father, I love to share with others, want faith to achieve what many say is impossible.
In this day want your presence Lord, in order to have a Blessed day and Victorious!

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Humanity is being exterminated as germs one day makes a 44-degree heat, the other dawns cloudy cold and lifeless, do not know if this is the work of God or the man himself destroying the helpless nature. in a country side flooding occur in the other hand, the dry devastate crops. I think about it today, that’s the truth!!

When the day dawned opened the window of my eyes on them were my tears reflecting the image of my love that was crystallized by the absence of who was never to voltar.Tentei close the windows of my eyes and the strength of tears prevented them and my eyes were opened by the longing that eternalized in my thoughts!

Times do not come back, time does not stop, enjoy every sunrise and enough rest, because tomorrow may be too late, poems, letters and verses not designate what I feel. If one day with the accuracy of the time you understand that the targets are attached to each play will be key for each plan.

“Faith is the fuel to realize we our dreams, God of us every morning a blank sheet, which aims to offer us free will, wiser is the one who let the Lord be your guide and even not knowing which will let the Lord take by the hand and show you the direction ”

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Today, your eyes dawned smiling
And while permeated the cove blooming
Shimmering like the peace that lights the day
made superfluous ballast moments of joy
are the roses from a cold perennial blossoming poetry
To captivate or simply carve you me
Muse of my night, my day, and my future.

At dawn, we thank Jesus for another day of life;
! In the evening, let us thank Jesus for learning and blessings he has given us during this day
! Often we ask too much and thank bit
In the dictionary, ” thank ” comes before ‘ Request ”, do this in our lives!

Today the day dawned
with fog. Yesterday everything was clear sad but clear. Strange! Today, this fog Nothing is quite right The middle dark paths but the day seems lighter seems more cheerful. The fog will not let me Seeing exactly what it is ahead but today …today this mist it’s called Hope.

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I want to like the dawn of day
want you hot like the sun on cold night.
I want to feel your love without shame and with all boldness.
I want to feel your power of seduction,
I want to beat again my heart …
Come on the first sunrise, and go to the set, is next to my body … I want You.

Afternoons Blood “Alone in the corner crying, so just Without disappearance without fanfare only in chat Dawns in full sun without pain Speech love and us, but without rancor Girlfriend well until the burn That afternoon of blood seethed the brokenhearted, rolled up. And in the golden body felt always so hurt. ”

There are days you dawns with pain
for days you do not wake up,
has moments that you do not feel.
There are nights you do not sleep
Just breathe, inhale, petrifies,
Mix the darkness.
There are days and nights that do not seem to exist
no feelings we should never feel,
There are lives that should never leave.

My interrupted sleep is your surprise, because at dawn my insomnia you bring praise to make you regain your ego;
For not give so many excuses for not knowing the size of my image in his thoughts:
No threats that never essayed the pains life does not give you even lost in words;

another day dawns ..
Here I am tired, sad.
with a sense of emptiness.
Do not ask me why …?
I do not know what to tell you.!
I want to be with you and look ….
for You hidden and silent.
Take you in my arms and tell you …
Lord forgiveness. !!
in the midst of so much suffering …
your love brought me encouragement and peace.!

Sweet look Oh, if I could see the sunrise every day my mind remembers the last feeling reborn … And I wonder: What have I done to suffer so much? I have no more living and colorful scenes, but I feel the heat born and live Oh, if I could go see my will, my eyes would shine recognizing dawn.

So I run to the sea when it dawns. I take a deep breath on the beach because that immensity abstracts me and my Quebrantos dilutes the swing of waves. Yes, you need to wash this sadness before it overflows; We need to empty the hall for when happiness comes, find everything clean, with summer light and taste of salt air.

Fire Awakened the fire of this radiant dawn, in the intimate nook temple, the will to live. Where seek me and only you encounter grant you house, and I give you my peace … Weaving in hours’ races, the link of our lives, making you the most sublime poetry, radiating all Being.

“Some days I wake up so …
racing heart, anxiety
fast dawn run to
open the window and see the sun shine.
Finally chose this day to
be happy, I want to hug,
redoubled affection, cuddles in the soul,
I want reap the most beautiful roses,
and personally deliver them to you ”
… and so begins our day ..

Dawn came and everything was changed, more radiant sun, birds sang without stopping the most beautiful melody, the roses in the garden were exuding the most beautiful perfume.
There was something in the air for no apparent reason I smiled suddenly and started singing, it was then I realized that I was really happy, I was infected by such happiness.
“Beautiful Tuesday for all of us” Day this radiant, want the heat of the sun at dawn. I redoubled my faith, reinforced, strengthened … without fear … then I want a flowery day, because I’m in my garden watering fondly love and hope, one more day, prepared by the hands of the Creator. Happy Tuesday.