World’s Most Popular Dance Styles

dance styles

Dance is extremely fun and exciting. Everyone loves to dance, even those who are not so good. Dance
is the coordination of the body, brain and music played. The body will move to the rhythm of the
song. It evolved over a long period and it is divided in various ways to dance. Many popular Dance styles in a
certain region became known all over the world. In this selection are highlighted 10 styles of
world’s most popular dance.

Hip hop

The hip-hop dance is a popular type for the planet, and it appeared several strands. The style
emerged in the 1970s It is also known as Street Dance and performed with hip-hop music. Faced with
hip-hop culture can easily dance this style. It is a popular dance style for groups in the United

Tap dance

Many people know how this style runs. By hitting the shoe, this is what characterizes the dance.
There are special shoes made especially for it. The shoes made of metal plate, and is disposed at
the heel and toe of his shoe. The board is set to contribute to making the sound louder.
The dance has found roots in african-American dance, dance like mane. And it is believed that the
tap started long ago, in the 1800s the rise of minstrel show.

Yangko dance

It is a dance of tradition and Han Chinese group culture. Its origin was from the Chinese culture
and remains the most popular in China. As you move, you must balance the body at a certain pace.
The hips and waist are used to drive the feet to the music. The dance has existed for over a
thousand years in Chinese culture.

Belly dance

The body part that is mostly displayed is the hip. The belly is also involved while dancing. The
dance became popular in the West during the Romantic movement in the 18th century and 19. The
origin is controversial. It is often assign source for fertility rituals location in Egypt.


This dance is among the best in Indian classical dances that originated from the Indian people. The
dance is a trace to its origin to the nomads of the elders found in northern India known as
It is used in the temple when the rituals are being performed. The name of the dance originated
from Sanskirt word which also means history. It is not just the name that is hard to pronounce, the
dance also requires a lot of training and skill.

Gangnam Style

This dance went viral in 2012 in August. The name is the combination of lifestyle in the Gangnam
District in the city of Seoul (South Korea).
The dance influenced the culture because the style has received all kinds of assessments of people.
The performances in various locations composed the way to become a phenomenon and proved very
popular throughout East Asia.


It’s a street dance made famous by Michael Jackson. And has four main elements, downrock, toprock,
freezes and power moves. The style has some acrobatic features and elements of gymnastics. To dance
style, it takes strength to be able to balance the body, have the skill and technique to make the


This dance originated in Italy in the fifteenth century. The dance developed in Russia and France
and is mainly performed in concerts. It is complicated, can not be performed without proper
The dance is taught in many schools around the world. And commonly moves choreographed to
orchestral music or vocals. The ballet follows a romantic line, expressionist and neoclassical


Parsley is one of the dances in Cuba. It is a standard dance, although recognized as an individual
manner. It is performed along with salsa music produced especially for this dance.
This style requires a couple, but you can choreograph her with the dance line, any default is not
necessary. It is popular in Latin America and globally. Salsa in Spanish, is the meaning of “spice”
and the choice of the name conveys the notion of music featuring “flavor”.
The movement that gave rise to this new style of Latin American sound began in New York in the
situation of a group of young musicians have begun to mix sounds and rhythms, with a focus on
generating sound to produce “taste” Latin American.

line dancing

The line dancing is among the choreographed with a repeated sequence where an online group is
facing the same direction. They do the same step and move at the same time.
Unlike circle dance, these dancers are not in physical contact with each other. This style is
practiced and taught in country-western dance bars, social clubs, dance clubs and dance halls.